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Thursday, July 26th 2012

8:48 AM

Karen hynes teen porn


Related article: Date: gay teen male porn Tue, 12 Jul 2005 15:51:41 +0100 (BST) From: Steve Rose Subject: Down memory lane - 3DISCLAIMER:This is a story. None of the characters in the story exist and the events that take place are purely imaginary.Thank you to all who responded to the other parts of the karen hynes teen porn story you have encouraged me to write more and turn this into a teen porn star summer trilogy.WARNING o not read this story if you are in any way offended by acts of a homosexual nature.Do not read this if you are under the legal age for accessing adult sites.Always indulge in safe sex.Down Memory LaneChapter 3: Matching UpAfter they arrived back at the hotel room and went inside, a moment of awkwardness and embarrassment passed between Geoff and Paul. Even though they were no strangers to seeing each other naked, it had been quite some time since they had last been in this position. Each man stood looking at the other waiting for his partner to make the first move. The fact that they were also a little drunk did not help all that much either. However, of the two men, Geoff was more used to drinking wine than his old friend and was more in control of his body and mind.Paul looked round the room that was functional and comfortable but not over provided. There was a small desk, a couple of chairs, a television, a large double bed, a wardrobe and a door behind which lay the en suite facilities. Feeling in need of a pee, Paul made for the door and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him, more out of habit than any undue modesty. Geoff watched his friend disappear teen porn 15 and decided to undress and get ready for bed. There was a short delay after the toilet flushed before Paul emerged, clad only in his underwear. Seeing this, Geoff, who was similarly attired, called from the bed, on which he was reclining,"Snap!!"Paul gave a drunken giggle and came to lie down beside his friend and replied,"On top or inside?"Geoff was about to respond when his friend burst live teen porn cams into more giggles and added,"The bed, I mean!"Geoff giggled as well and then replied,"In bed, I think!!"With difficulty the pair managed to get into the bed and together they snuggled down under the covers. Once they were comfortable, Geoff began to stroke his old friend's leg and, as his hand made contact with the material of the underwear, he whispered,"We never used to be this bashful in the old days, did we?"Paul giggled and replied,"No, but we never had a bed to play around in either!"Geoff worked his hand inside the leg opening of his partner's underwear and moved inexorably towards Paul's balls. As soon as first contact had been made, Paul's dick had become hard and was tenting the front of his underpants and the touch of his friend's hand on his balls, made Paul gasp with pleasure and remembrance of the fun times they had spent as teenagers. For Geoff, too, the feel of his friend's balls and the obvious erection that lay beyond them sent a shiver of excitement and regret through his body. Grasping the waistband firmly, Paul pulled his underwear down and off his body giving Geoff complete access to the rock hard cock and tender balls. At the same time, Geoff pressed his rock hard but still cloth covered cock against the round cheeks of Paul's arse and felt his old friend push back and rub from side to side teen porn 15 against his erection. Following this implicit invitation, Geoff wasted no more time before he, too, slipped off his underwear and returned to pressing his erection against the warm arse.Paul felt Geoff's hand work its way up the length of his shaft and gently peel back the foreskin to uncover the sensitive glans and he gave out a sigh of pleasure. Meanwhile Geoff had pressed his rock hard cock between his old friend's arse cheeks and nudged the exposed head of his cut cock against the other man's hole. For a second time Paul moaned and whispered,"Oh yes, please Geoff, slide your prick inside me, I can't tell you how much I'd love that dick of yours deep inside me!! Oh God, how I wish I'd known as much as I do now when we were teenagers, we'd have never stopped at wanking each other off, I can tell you!!"Geoff gave his friend's cock a gentle squeeze and took some of the pre-cum from the piss slit and mingled it with his own so as to grease up his shaft, but then remembered that he had some lubricant in his bedside drawer, beautiful free teen porn so reached across and took it out. Pouring some of the sweet smelling oil onto Paul's cock and balls and then some onto teen beach nude his own, Geoff ensured that they were both well greased and slippery before inserting his finger into his friend's hole. As the probing figure made first contact with his friend's prostate, Geoff felt Paul's dick react with a series of twitches and throbs and his partner gave out a further moan of pleasure. As his fingers entered and spread the waiting entrance to Paul's love channel, Geoff continue to slide his other hand rhythmically up and down his old friend's shaft and teased the sensitive underside where the foreskin and the shaft met. Paul was moaning and pushing his tiny teen anal porn body back against Geoff's invading fingers and the time was fast approaching when the hole would be ready to receive the throbbing prick that was waiting to enter. Unable to wait any longer, Paul gasped out,"I want you in me now, fuck me, Geoff, fuck me, now!!!"Geoff swiftly removed his fingers and a moment later his thick cock head nudged against the well-prepared hole and made its way inside and down Paul's greasy love channel. As he felt the hole give way to his probing, Geoff gave out a low growl of pleasure and he fulfilled a long held dream and fucked his long-lost best friend. Paul was also enjoying the experience and proved to be an agile lover and encouraged Geoff to use a variety of positions to enter the welcoming hole and impale his partner with his thrusting dick. Both men were groaning and fighting for breath and each was equally anxious to prolong this reunion fuck for as long as possible. Paul wriggled free of Geoff's dick for a moment but only so that he could position himself so that he could sit down on the throbbing erection and ride it. Once he was fully inside, Geoff reached round and took hold of Paul's cock and his friend began to slide up and down with increasing speed. The action send waves of excitement through Geoff's body and Paul also shivered with teen porn 15 intensity teen girls pussy as his friend's wanking action on his own greasy cock brought the inevitable climax ever closer. Finally, it proved too much for Paul who gasped out,"Oh fuck, I'm cumming .. Geoff .. I'm cum .. mm .. ing!!!!"Geoff felt his friend's body tense and the cock in his lubricated hand swelled as the ball juice fought its way down the throbbing shaft and squirted out in a series of small explosions from Paul's piss slit. As each shot of spunk came out, Paul's arse muscles contracted and gripped Geoff's cock tightly and this had the effect of inducing him to reach free teen porn galliers his climax. A second after Paul had finished shooting, Geoff's prick expanded and his creamy ball juice splattered deep inside the bowels of beautiful free teen porn his friend and he gasped out,"Oh .. yes .. Paul .. Paul ^Åyes!!!"Paul felt his friend's jizz coating his insides and sighed one more time as his longed-for wish had just become a reality. Turning to plant a kiss on Geoff's lips, Paul said,"Thanks!! I've longed for this moment for years and now, finally, it's come true!! Thank you, Geoff!!"Geoff smiled but was too exhausted to say much but returned his friend's kiss with equal passion. Both men could feel their cocks beginning to subside and after a short while first Geoff's cock was so soft that it had slid out of Paul's love channel and was now lying underneath the arse it had so recently penetrated, Paul was similarly softening and his cock was too sensitive to be held so Geoff let go of it and it slapped down softly onto his friends thigh. Happy and contented by the lovemaking they had just enjoyed, the two old friends slowly rearranged themselves so that they could go to sleep. Paul lay on his side with Geoff spooned in behind him. In this contented position they drifted off to sleep and did not wake until the sun was rising early the following morning.The sun streaming in through the net curtains woke Geoff and, as he regained consciousness, he remembered the events of the night before and blood went straight to his prick, which dug into the soft cheeks of the still-sleeping Paul. Geoff was tempted to wake his old friend up with an early morning gentle fuck but changed his mind and decided instead to arouse Paul by sucking his cock to full erection. As he leaned over to take the flaccid cock between his lips, Geoff licked the pink glans that was lttle teen porn sticking out from the opening of the foreskin and this caused Paul to stir and, moments later, his old friend was wide awake and saying,"Mmm, that's a nice way to be woken in the morning, but do you mind if I jump in the shower first?"Geoff reluctantly let go of michet teen porn his old friend's cock and allowed Paul to fling back the duvet and swing his legs off the bed and onto the floor. As he saw his new partner disappear into the bathroom, Geoff wished that the shower was bigger as he would have loved to join Paul and had sex with him as the water poured over their bodies. Instead, he picked up the telephone and called down to Room service and ordered two continental breakfasts to be sent to the room. The man answering the call said that they were very busy and it would be some time before the food would arrive but Geoff said he did not mind.Geoff was rather surprised when a few minutes later there was a knock on the door. He put on a loose fitting dressing gown and went to open the door gay teen maled porn and was even more surprised to see a young man with fair hair, brown eyes and a warm smile playing across his sensual lips standing outside. It took a few moments before Geoff realised that it was the waiter that had served them dinner the night before that was standing there and he was holding a large tray of continental breakfast. Smiling broadly, the young man, Nick, who was dressed in a figure-hugging T-shirt and very tight grey jeans, said,"Good morning, Mr Crawford, I hope that you and your friend slept well last night. I was in the kitchen getting myself a drink when your order came through and I volunteered to bring it up for you free lesbian teens as my room is not far away creampie teen porn from here. As you can see I am off duty, but it was no trouble to do this service for you. Where shall I put the tray."Geoff indicated that Nick should put it down on the desk and went to get his wallet from his trousers. teen tits galleries As he did so, the loose dressing gown opened a fraction and lttle teen porn gave Nick a fleeting glance at Geoff's dick, which was still half-hard. Nick gave an inadvertent noise of appreciation wmv blonde teen porn that was impossible for Geoff to miss. As Geoff turned towards him, the waiter who was standing by the desk said,"There's no need to pay anything more, a service charge is included, as you know. However, if there is anything else you would like me to do for uk teen lesbian porn you, I'm free until mid-morning."There was no doubting the implication of the young waiter's suggestive remark and Geoff teen porn 15 was on the point of replying when the bathroom young looking teen porn door opened and Paul walked in. Wrapped in just a short towel, Geoff did not at first notice the waiter and began speaking,"That's better! So, black free teen porn Geoff what shall we do ne .."The question was unfinished as Paul suddenly saw a stranger in the room. Geoff, however, took control,"Don't worry, Paul. It's the waiter from our table last night, I ordered breakfast from Room service and he lttle teen porn very kindly brought it up for us. I'm afraid I don't know his name, but he has just asked if there is anything more he could do for us."The waiter smiled at Paul, who still looked embarrassed and shocked, and then looked back at Geoff and said,"It's Nick, Mr Crawford, my name is Nick."Geoff grinned at the young man and replied,"Well, hello, Nick. I'm Geoff and the man in the towel is Paul. I'm sure he and I can think of several things we'd like you to do for us, wouldn't we, Paul?"Geoff moved closer to the waiter and tiny teen anal porn ran his hand over the well-defined chest and down towards his waist and heard the young man give off a sigh of pleasure as he did so. Paul also came close and as he got nearer the towel around his waist began to slip so that by the time he reached the young waiter's side it no longer covered his private parts. Nick looked at Paul's cock and reached out to take it in his hand and felt it swell in size on contact. Geoff's dressing gown was now also wide open and he, like his friend, was fully exposed and hard. Pausing for a moment to remove his gown completely, Geoff grinned broadly and said,"Looks to me Nick as though you are rather overdressed for this party!"Nick smiled and nodded and Geoff and Paul went to work removing his clothing. The two friends seemed to know instinctively how to accomplish this striptease without getting in each other's way. Geoff pulled up Nick's tight T-shirt and helped it over his head and threw it onto the floor. Meanwhile Paul had knelt down and was unzipping the tight jeans and pulling them off Nick's hips and down his legs. male teen porn star Nick stood on one leg as Paul removed his slip-ons and slid the jeans completely off the waiter's legs, before returning to kiss the large bulge that was still covered by Nick's underwear.Geoff had turned his attention to licking and nibbling the young waiter's nipples and running his hand down the washboard stomach and inside the top of his underwear, through which he could feel the wet patch created by his friend's licking tongue. Nicky groaned and moaned with delight as the two older men worked their tongues and hands over his body and, finally, freed his aching cock from the confines of his pants. Paul was struck in the face by the long, thin uncut cock that emerged from Nick's pants but greedily licked the length from tip to lttle teen porn balls and then back before sliding the loose foreskin back off the head and sucking the glans into his mouth. Geoff continued to work his tongue around the young waiter's chest and stomach but was anxious not to over excite the young man and make him cum too quickly and so he signalled to his friend to ease off.Paul took the hint and, having reluctantly let go of the young man's cock, turned his oral attention to his old friend's cock, greedily sucking in the cut glans between his lips. Nicky watched as the kneeling man swallowed most of Geoff's cock into his mouth and down his throat. Suddenly, the youth was on his knees beside Paul and the two of them began to young oriental teen porn give Geoff a double oral examination. As one mouth worked on the balls, the other tongue ran up and down the length of the circumcised dick sending shivers through Geoff's body and he cried out with delight.As he sucked on the older man's cut cock, Nick recalled his first experience with an older guy. Now 21, he had been a young teenager of 14 when he had met the man live teen porn cams for the first time. The teenager was walking home from school when a stranger approached him and asked for directions. Being an obliging and helpful young man, Nick agreed to show the man the way and quickly directed the pair of them towards the requested location. As they turned the corner onto the street, the older man turned and looked as though he was about to thank the youngster, but instead asked if Nick was `OK'. This was a phrase that one of the teenager's school friend always asked when enquiring whether they could teen titaints porn have a wank together. Somewhat confused but ever eager, Nick nodded and the man asked him if there was somewhere quiet nearby where they could go. The teenager pointed to a small area of grassland with a large clump of bushes at the end and the pair walked quickly towards the hiding place and the older man wasted no time in getting down to business. He palmed Nick's growing cock through his jeans and, when, as anticipated, there was no resistance, he unzipped the fly and fished out the youthful tool and started to wank the young man. After a few moments, however, the man got bolder and moved his lips to the end of the cock and took it between his lips causing the youth to gasp out loud. Nick felt his knees begin to shake and the uncontrollable development of his ball juice as it boiled over and shot along his shaft and out of his piss slit. There was not time to warn the sucking man who received a mouthful of teen cream much to his delight, although Nick was highly embarrassed by his lack of control. Once it was clear that the older man had enjoyed the experience, Nick calmed down and accepted the man's invitation to bring him off. Nick unzipped the man's trousers and was confronted by the largest dick he had ever seen. It was short and fat but circumcised and the exposed head was enormous and the glans a deep bluish-purple. Nick shook his head at the though of sucking this monster but the man gently moved the teenager's hand to the cock and watched as the youth rhythmically and skilfully worked his hand up and down the shaft until he too exploded and a load of spunk flew out of his piss slit and onto the ground. Without a further word, the older man zipped up and left Nick to make his own way home.The teenager had thoroughly enjoyed being sucked off and was determined to have a repeat performance, only this time lasting longer, as soon as he could. Nick hung about the toilets in gay teen maled porn the park where it was rumoured the gay guys hung out and finally met a young man a few years older than himself who sucked him off and then asked Nick to reciprocate. To the teenager's surprise this guy had another cut cock but it was much thinner than the older man he had met and he had managed to take it into his mouth but had not the courage to allow his partner to cum in his mouth, This experience had come a little while later after Nick had started at the hotel where he now worked and had been seduced by one of the guests and had enjoyed teen beach nude a mutual oral session with an older guy with a short but quite suckable uncut cock. His other encounters both at the hotel and elsewhere had increased Nick's knowledge and experience and he was always more than ready to join in almost any activity suggested.Back live teen porn cams in the bedroom, Nick was enjoying the double suck that he and Paul were giving Geoff and he loved to run his rough tongue over the ridge of the older man's cut glans. After a few moments the young waiter found that he was in full charge of the oral examination of Geoff's dick as Paul had leaned over and was sucking the waiter's own cock. The scene of slurping mouths was very exciting and Geoff had to pull his dick away for a few moments for fear that he would climax too soon, which would never do, especially as he had far more interesting plans.Paul had not noticed his friend's action and was surprised when suddenly he found himself involved in a mutual suck session with the young waiter. Nick expertly sucked the older man's cock into his mouth and teased the sensitive glans and frenum with his tongue causing Paul's piss slit to leak even more pre-cum. The older man was also enjoying himself as this first time in several months that Paul had enjoyed the opportunity to taste a young man's cock, something that he greatly enjoyed. Like his partner, the older man was enjoying rolling the sensitive glans on his tongue and lapping pre-cum from the oozing slit. Geoff watched for several minutes as the two others continued their wmv hardcore teen porn mutual oral examination but finally decided that the time was ready to move on to the next stage and began to ramos teen addiction porn probe his old friend's tight arse hole with his well-lubricated finger.Nick felt his partner jolt as Geoff's finger struck Paul's prostate and looked up to see the third member of the party ably finger fucking the older man. A moment later, the young waiter was aware that as well as sucking his cock, Paul was also exploring the entrance to his far from virgin hole. The room was at this point filled with the sounds of pleasurable moaning and slurping as each of the three men indulged their specific interests until finally Geoff stopped and whispered to his old friend something that made Paul shiver with excitement.Taking charge again Geoff positioned his friend Paul at the edge of the bed and then guided Nick to a place immediately behind him. free lesbian teens Taking the lovely young cock in his hand and giving it a gentle squeeze, the older man guided the young waiter towards the warm welcoming entrance to Paul's hole. Nick needed little help and knew exactly what was required and pushed hard against the willing hole and very quickly the head of his cock was inside Paul's love channel. The older man gave a sigh of pleasure as he felt the youthful cock enter him and he wiggled his cheeks slightly as Nick began to impale himself further inside the welcoming orifice and said,"You like that, Paul? You like the feel of my young dick sliding deep inside you? You want me to fuck your tight hole, don't you?"Paul nodded and replied,"Oh yes, Nick!! Fuck me long and hard with your young dick!!"Satisfied that Nick was nicely embedded in his friend's hole and was about ready to start fucking Paul, Geoff moved behind the young waiter and began to probe between the young man's cheeks. Nick felt the wet prick approach the entrance to his hole and braced himself for the invasion that would follow very shortly. Geoff asked the waiter if he was ready and Nick gave a grunted reply of agreement, which Geoff took as a green light. To the older man's surprise, he entered the young man with ease and it was not long before the head of his dick was through the entrance to Nick's love channel and making contact with his prostate. As Nick jolted at this first touch, Geoff said quietly,"You like a nice prick inside you as well, don't you, Nick?"Pushing back against the invading prick, Nick responded with enthusiasm,"I love it!! Push it right in!! I want to feel you splitting me in half as you fuck into me, just as Paul want me to split him in half as I fuck into him!!"It took a few minutes but eventually the threesome got themselves organised and Nick proved to be an expert `middle man' pushing backwards onto Geoff's thrusting cock and thrusting forward into Paul's willing hole. Once a clear and teen porn threesome effective rhythm was established the three men acted like a railway train moving in perpetual motion in and out of each other and gasping out cries of mutual excitement and appreciation. Nick did not neglect Paul's needs either and he grabbed the older man's cock and began to wank it vigorously in time with his thrusts.For several minutes the threesome worked in synchronised mode thrusting in and out of each other until Nick finally could hold back no longer and, pulling right out of Paul's welcoming teen porn vista hole, moaned that he was about to cum. Geoff also pulled out of the young waiter's hole at the same time and Paul quickly rolled onto the bed and lay on his back looking up at Nick's pulsating shaft. After only a couple of gently strokes, the youthful waiter pulled teen porn star summer back his foreskin as far as it would go to reveal the fully exposed, angry red glans and widened piss slit. With a near scream of ecstasy Nick shot a load of spunk all over the face and chest of Paul who was lying on the bed a short distance below him. The sight of the young man firing several volleys of cream sent a tingle through Geoff who had also been wanking his cock and he slid round the side of Nick and, groaning and panting, fired his jizz so that it mixed with the waiter's ball juice on Paul's body. Not to be outdone the older man lying on the bed gave his rock hard cock a few more tugs and then he too added to the collection of man cream that was splattered all over his face, chest and stomach.Geoff and Nick slumped down either side of Paul, who grinned broadly at the young waiter and his old friend. Geoff lay still for a second but then began to mix the three loads teen porn trailer of cum into a cocktail which he fed, in turn, to Nick, Paul and, finally, himself.For a while the three naked but satisfied men lay on the bed dozing and recovering but then Nick looked at the time on amateur teen cumshots the bedside clock and realised that it was later than he thought and sat up,"That was a great morning, thanks Geoff, thanks Paul, I loved having fun with you and teen nudist sex porn your gorgeous dicks!! However, I have to be on duty very soon and I must go upstairs and get changed. I hope I will see you both again tonight?"Geoff smiled warmly at the young waiter and replied,"It teen girls pussy is we that should be thanking you, Nick, you have a lovely cock and your spunk tastes wonderful, especially in combination with Paul's and my own. I hope to be in for dinner tonight and I expect I will just about be able to persuade Paul to join me. I assume you meant that you would see us in the restaurant?"Paul grinned at the other two who were both smiling broadly and then he joined in the banter,"Yeah, thanks both of you!! I haven't had such a good time in years!! I will return for dinner tonight and stay the night on one condition, namely that as soon as he gets off duty Nick comes to the room for an encore!"As he teen beach nude spoke, Paul had reached down and free lesbian teens was fondling the young waiter's cock that was already showing distinct signs of a return to hardness. Nick grinned at the older man but gently removed the hand and said,"I'd really love a second round now, but I have to go to work. However, if invited, I am more than happy to come back later tonight!!"Geoff nodded his head vigorously and answered for himself and his old friend,"Then it's a deal. You get off to work, we'll get dressed and have a look around the area and be back for dinner tonight and, of course, a rather tasty dessert after that!!"Nick rose from the bed watched by the other two, slipped on his jeans and T-shirt. When the young waiter was ready, Geoff went to the door to check that the coast was clear and ushered the young man out, giving him a playful wmv hardcore teen porn slap on the arse as he passed. Nick wiggled his hips and looked back with a slight grin as he walked quickly teen nudist sex porn down the corridor away from the guest rooms and towards the service lift that would take him to his room where he would just have time to get ready for his restaurant duties.Meanwhile Geoff and Paul spent a while getting showered and changed in preparation for the rest of the day. Paul needed to return to his flat to take the dog out for a walk, so Geoff drove his old friend back home and waited and then together they strolled along the seashore with the dog in tow, After that the two old friends had a leisurely drive out to a country pub, had a light lunch and another walk round the area, before returning once again to exercise the dog. It was early evening before Geoff and his friend arrived back at the hotel and ordered dinner in the restaurant for later teen porn star summer that evening.As with the previous night, the two old friends had a drink before the meal, savoured the wide range of choice on the menu and then went into the restaurant and ate another excellent meal. The only disappointment was that Nick ugly teen porn was not their waiter that evening. Instead they had a rather porn teen video surly older man who was efficient but uncommunicative. From time to time, one or other of the two diners caught the eye of Nick, who was working the other half of the dining room and received a sympathetic look from the young man. Once or twice Nick did come close to their table and as he did so he gave one or other of the older men an sexy smile by way young oriental teen porn of reminding them, as if such a reminder was really necessary, of what to expect later that night. When the meal was nude teen movies over, Geoff and karen hynes teen porn Paul retired to the lounge and drank coffee and brandy, before returning to the room to await Nick's arrival.Geoff put the television on and, as they were uncertain how long that would be as Nick had not said what time his shift would end, the two old friends watched half-heartedly as they waited for the waiter's knock on the door. After a while the two men began to undress each other and soon were only dressed in their underwear. Anticipation of what was in store caused both men to get erections and their underwear was tented by the rock hard cocks that strained for release. From time to time each of the men would playfully fondle the other man's cock but never too much although after a while a telltale patch of wetness appeared at the point teen porn threesome at which their cocks had leaked pre-cum.Finally, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, there was blowjob teen resize porn a knock on the door and Geoff went to open it. Standing there, as he had been earlier in the day, was the fair-haired waiter, back again in his tight jeans and T-shirt. Geoff stood back to allow the young man to enter and went to push the door closed but found some resistance. Looking round the edge of the door, the older man saw another handsome youngster standing at the entrance and seeking entry. Nick smiled at Geoff and said,"Oh sorry, Geoff, this is Tim. He and I share a room and he was keen to join in the fun. You don't mind, do you?"Geoff looked at the newcomer who was as dark as the young waiter was fair. The older man guessed that Tim was originally from Africa and he had dark curly hair, dark eyes and thick lips from which snaked a very red tongue and he opened the door to let him enter. Nick was in the main bedroom and saw Paul lying all but naked on the bed and said,"I hope you hadn't started without me, especially as I brought you a surprise. I'd like you to meet my friend, Tim. He works in the kitchen as a porter. I told him about what happened this morning and he was only too keen to see for himself."Nick looked at Tim and ran his hand sexily over the large bulge in the young kitchen porter's jeans. Paul rose from the bed and walked towards the young pair and was joined by Geoff who had secured and bolted the door. Nick ran his hand over Paul's chest and gently teased the older man's creampie teen porn nipples and Geoff wasted no time in suggesting that the young waiter and his friend should make themselves more comfortable. It did not take Paul and Geoff long to undress the younger two who were, the older pair were delighted to discover, not wearing underwear. As soon as the waiter and his friend were both naked they reached over and removed Geoff and Paul's underwear so that all four were at this point completely naked. The four pressed together and their rampant cocks were squeezed between them sending ripples of excitement coursing through each of their bodies.It had been some time since Geoff had been with a black partner but he had liked the look of Tim from the very moment he set eyes on him and, now that the youngster was teen porn vista naked, he was even more smitten. The boy was as thin as Nick but his chest muscles looked bigger and stronger and he had more bodily hair. From the kitchen porter's belly button a teen girls pussy thing line of curly hair led inexorably to a large black bush of pubic hair from which sprouted a long, thin, cut cock with a large pair of spunk heavy balls hanging beneath. The shaft was silky soft to the touch and Geoff ran his hand appreciatively along its length and then round the base of the glans that was velvety and spongy to the touch and only a shade or two lighter in colour than the rest of the magnificent cock.Geoff knelt down and sucked the beautiful head between his lips and was rewarded with a sigh of pleasure from Tim. Not to be outdone by his friend, Paul was also on his knees and sucking Nick's cock into his mouth, using his talented tongue to roll back the young waiter's loose foreskin. After a short while, Geoff offered Tim's prick to Paul and the two older men swapped places and enjoyed the pleasure of sucking the two youngsters for a short while. This was too good to last and so it was not long before Nick tapped Geoff on the shoulder and said,"I think we should all change places. I know Tim wants to play with both your cocks as I do, so stand up and let us have a go now!!"Geoff and Paul stood up and the two youngsters knelt in front of them. Tim had first go in sucking Paul and Nick went to work on Geoff, but, as had happened with the older couple, the two youths changed places and the room was again filled with the sounds of slurping and sighing until eventually everyone agreed that if the fun was to last they needed a pause. As they lay on the bed, Tim started to explore Paul's hole and found to his delight that it yielded to his probing finger easily and it was not long before he had three digits implanted in the older man's welcoming love channel. The young kitchen worker was suddenly aware that his own hole was being explored by a tongue and looked back to see Geoff lying close to him and enthusiastically licking and rimming him. Not to be left out, Nick positioned himself so that he could resume his oral examination of Geoff's neatly cut dick.Paul began to moan and groan as he felt the youngster's fingers tease his prostate with each finger fucking motion and made it clear that he was ready to have the fingers replaced by the black youth's prick,"I want your dick inside me, Tim. Put that lovely youthful cock up my arse, please!"Tim, who was also moaning with pleasure at the rimming he was receiving from Geoff, gasped out his response,"Do you want my black, circumcised prick deep inside you? Do you want me to fuck you and leave my cum in your hole?"Paul sighed loudly and called out,"Yes!! Yes!! Do it to me now!!"Geoff stopped momentarily to allow Tim to line up and then he and Nick watched as the velvety head of the kitchen porter's dick disappeared inside the entrance to Paul's hole. The long, thin shaft followed spain teen porn slowly until every last centimetre was lodged inside. As Tim paused for a moment to make essential adjustments, the youngster felt a familiar feeling as Geoff's cut cock nudged up against his own hole. Pushing back to meet the older man's cock, Tim felt the head enter him and he sighed with pleasure and waited for the rest of the prick to impale him.Nick watched as ramos teen addiction porn his roommate was sandwiched between the two older men and then made his own move. The young waiter scooted down and wormed his way underneath the other three and did not stop until his face was directly below Paul's cock. It was a struggle but the wiry youth managed to arrange his body so that his tongue could just tease the older man's piss slit. Above him the three linked bodies were developing a synchronised action and were pumping in and out of the welcoming holes. Once a suitable rhythm had been achieved, Tim in the middle was able to reach down and take hold of his friend's young dick that was sticking up from the prostrate Nick. However this proved to be a position that was difficult to sustain and a change had to be made. Nick changed round so that his head was now underneath his young friend's balls and he had a great view of the pricks as they were pumping in and out. From this position Paul was better able to take hold of the young waiter's cock and began to wank him vigorously. After a few further adjustments the older man managed to take both his own and Nick's cock in his hand and rub them together.Tim was no stranger to being the middle of a sex sandwich having been used as a plaything by his older brother and his uncle in previous years. Of the quartet in the room he was the youngest in age but matched the older two in experience. Over the past few years he had managed to build up a high degree of self-control and had also mastered the technique of varying the speed of his thrusts back and forth to enable his partners to last far longer than might have been expected. However, even with all this training, the young kitchen worker found that he was losing control. His friend had managed to reach the low hanging balls and was using his mouth very effectively and he could feel the pressure building to the point of now return. Paul, too, was struggling to prevent himself from shooting his load and was moaning, groaning and sighing,"Oh, fuck, yes, Tim, shove your long prick right up me!! I want young oriental teen porn to feel you cum!!Tim gasped behind the older man that he was nearly there and then let out a soft wail of excitement, followed by several grunts and groans and an extended `yeessss' as his youthful ball cream splattered out all over the older man's bowels. Geoff had not been aware of how close he was to climax but, to his surprise, gay teen male porn the tensing of the young body in front of him was enough to spark him off and within seconds he was delivering his load deep inside the kitchen porter's arse. Paul's cock was throbbing out of control but he had still not cum and neither had Nick. The young waiter wasted hardly a second in sliding out from under the other three and replacing Geoff, pushing his still rampant cock into his roommate's greasy hole and pumping furiously as Tim took over wanking Paul's dick. Nick gave out a loud cry of delight as he unleashed a wave of spunk into the kitchen porter's hole where it mixed with the deposit already left by Geoff. At the same time Paul's cock also exploded and a powerful jet of jizz flew from his piss slit onto the bed sheets as he gave off a loud exclamation of delighted relief.The four exhausted men slumped down together on the bed and fought to regain their breath. Tim, the youngest of the quartet, was the first to speak,`That was amazing, the best ever!!"Geoff nodded in agreement and added,"I wish I was staying here longer. karen hynes teen porn I would love to have a regular session with us all together!!""Me too", Nick responded enthusiastically and Paul smiled and nodded his agreement."Do you think there will be enough time to do it again before you leave?"Tim's question was asked with a tinge of doubt in his voice, but Paul responded,"If we can rest first, I don't see why not! I suppose it depends what time you are both on duty tomorrow.""Early", Tim and Nick both replied in unison, "but we're young and we don't need that much rest!!"So it was agreed and later that night the quartet gave a repeat performance of their earlier activity except that this time Nick was in the middle for the most part and Tim lay underneath the trio as they fucked each other. When they had all reached satisfying climaxes, it was time for the two youngsters to return to their room and get as much rest as they could and Geoff and Paul fell asleep as soon as they had gone.When the older couple finally woke up, Geoff told his old friend that he had something he wanted to discuss with him before they went to breakfast. Paul had a slight inkling of what his friend was about to say but waited patiently as Geoff outlined his idea. Explaining that he was getting tired of all the travelling and wanted to settle down and do something else, Geoff asked his old friend if he would be interested in becoming his partner, leaving it open to either business and personal or just business. Paul asked what he had in mind and his friend replied that he had plenty of money and good business experience and they could open a country hotel with Paul managing the accountancy side of the business. Paul seemed interested in his friend's proposal but sensed that there was more to it than he had just been told and said so,"Is that all or is there more?"Geoff grinned and said,"Well, of course there is more. I thought we could ask Tim and Nick to come with us. We would need to get a good manager and chef as well, but they could be trained up and, naturally, they would always be on hand for our mutual pleasure!!"Paul nodded his approval and then said,"Do you think they would want to leave here?"Geoff responded light heartedly,"We won't know unless we ask them, will we?"Before they left the room for breakfast Geoff wrote a short note on his laptop, showed it to his friend and after gaining his approval printed it off. A rather sleepy-looking Nick was serving breakfast and directed Paul and Geoff to a table before coming over to take their order. As he did so, Paul handed the young man a sealed envelope and said quietly,"Open this when you have your break and show it to Tim as well."Nick looked a bit shaken and surprised and was about to say something when Geoff added,"Don't think it's money, it's not. We know that you would be insulted if we treated you as rent boys. It is a genuine offer. Think about it and get back to us when you have. No hurry."Nick nodded and stuffed the envelope into his pocket.After breakfast, Geoff settled his account at the hotel and then drove Paul back to his gay teen male porn flat. There was a slightly tearful farewell but both men knew that they would see each other again very soon. Within a month, Geoff had found michet teen porn an ideal hotel to buy and he and Paul became joint owners a few weeks later. There, they were joined by Nick and Tim and set up a small team of good efficient staff. It's teen titaints porn a nice hotel, set in a remote part of Dartmoor and if ever you are passing, I'm sure they will give you a warm welcome and, if you're lucky, one or other of the more senior employees might even give you a pleasant surprise!THE ENDHope you liked this story.Whether you did or not feedback is always welcome. Email me at cutrose40yahoo.co.uk
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